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Contact First U.S.

You pick the most convenient tool for your needs. You can call, chat with us online, mail, or stop by.

Chat – click the “Chat Live!” button below to chat online or by video with a member of our service team

Contact Center – for general services, questions and transaction help, call (800) 556-6768 (option 0) or email 90fdf5fdf2f5e2e3f8f9e0d0f6f9e2e3e4e5e3beffe2f7

Chat and Contact Center team members are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., excluding holidays.

For other inquiries,

Real Estate: 90e2f5d0f6f9e2e3e4e5e3beffe2f7
Fax: (916) 576-5633
Consumer Loans: 90fcfff1fee3d0f6f9e2e3e4e5e3beffe2f7
Collections: (916) 576-5623
IRA Support Department: 90f9e2f1e3e5e0e0ffe2e4d0f6f9e2e3e4e5e3beffe2f7
Fax: (916) 610-1928
Business Loans: (800) 556-6768, extension 5679 90f2e5e3f9fef5e3e3d0f6f9e2e3e4e5e3beffe2f7
Lost/Stolen Card: (888) 297-3416 – during regular business hours
Lost/Stolen Card: (800) 547-2354 – after business hours
Phone-24: (800) 824-2499
General - for assistance with products, services, technology, or for basic comments, feedback and questions: 90f6f9e2e3e4e5e3d0f6f9e2e3e4e5e3beffe2f7
Management - contact us to resolve issues other than general help or feedback: 90fdf1fef1f7f5fdf5fee4d0f6f9e2e3e4e5e3beffe2f7

580 University Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95825-6528
Audit Committee – for assistance if you have already contacted management and need further help: 90f1e5f4f9e4f3fffdfdd0f6f9e2e3e4e5e3beffe2f7

PO Box 60733
Sacramento, CA 95860-9990

(Please do not send time-sensitive
correspondence to this address.)

Email Addresses – please remember that email is not secure. Please do not send confidential information such as your account number, PIN, social security number, etc. by email.