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Avoid "Phishing" Scams

Emails claiming to be from your financial institution continue to surface on the world wide web. Such emails often state that your account has been disabled due to security reasons, and asks you to provide personal information to keep your credit card, debit card or online banking account active.

These “phishing” scams bait unsuspecting users into clicking on links to allegedly update or verify their private information. You are not connecting to the financial institution’s website at all if you use the supplied link. Instead, you are going to a site the scammer has set up to capture your personal information, such as social security numbers, credit union account numbers, passwords, etc. Some of these scams even offer money if you complete their “survey.”

First U.S. will never contact you in an email or by phone to request your personal or financial information. Should you receive an email requesting this information or if you suspect that you may have unknowingly supplied personal, financial or account information through an email or on a fraudulent Web site, contact us immediately by calling our Member Service Phone Center at (916) 576-5700 or (800) 556-6768.