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Credit Cards

Credit Card Choices

When it comes to credit cards, First U.S. gives you all the choices you need – whether you want rewards or a fixed rate, we’ve got the right card for you.

And with a card from First U.S., you know you’ll enjoy a low rate and other great features, like:

  • No Annual Fees
  • No Balance Transfer Fees
  • No Penalty Rates

Looking for cash rewards?

Check out our new Cash Rewards Visa®

  • Earn unlimited cash back – up to 3% – each month on your everyday purchases
  • It’s simple! Stop worrying about using the right card at the right merchant – and earn on every purchase no matter where
  • Cash rewards are deposited to your savings account each month – with no expiration dates or points to track
  • And since it’s great for travel, there are No Foreign Transaction Fees

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Looking for a fixed-rate card?

You need The First U.S. Platinum Visa

  • Enjoy a 0% APR for six months, then a fixed APR as low as 9.90%
  • Stop worrying about interest rate changes with our fixed-rate card, since the APR that applies after the introductory period will not increase
  • With No Balance Transfer Fees it’s easy to move balances from higher-rate credit cards to save money every month
  • It’s budget friendly – because it’s a fixed interest rate, it’s easy to keep your payments on target

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Need To Build (or Rebuild) Your Credit?

Our Share Secured Visa can help

  • Establish or rebuild your credit history with a secured card
  • Your limit is based on funds you deposit
  • Enjoy a low, FIXED Rate

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Feature Cash Rewards Visa Fixed Rate Visa Share Secured Visa
Platinum Preferred Platinum
  Earn up to 3% cash back on every purchase. With a low, fixed rate there's no need to worry about paying more as interest rates rise. Use funds on deposit to help build your credit rating. 120% security to limit ratio.
Rates Variable Rate
as low as 16.70%
Fixed Rate
0% APR
for six months, then as low as 9.90% APR
Fixed Rate
0% APR
for six months, then as low as 10.90% APR
Fixed Rate
as low as 14.90%
Annual Fee None None None None
Balance Transfer Fees None None None None
Penalty Pricing None None None None
Foreign Transaction Fees None up to 1% of each transaction in U.S. $$$
Cash Advance Fee 2% - $2 minimum, $50 maximum
Minimum Finance Charge None None None None

Annual Percentage Rates (APRs), terms and offers accurate as of 05/29/2024 and subject to change without notice. Income, credit and other criteria will determine actual APR. 25-day period to avoid paying interest on purchases applies if the total new balance is paid in full by the due date every billing period. If not paid in full, there is no grace period. New VISA accounts only. One card type per member. Cannot be used to refinance an existing First U.S. loan. Platinum Visa: After intro rate period, your rate will not increase. Cash Rewards Visa: Rate is variable, see Card Agreement for more information. Account must be open and in good standing to earn rewards.