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Protect Yourself From Fraud

We've heard from a few members about scammers pretending to be First U.S. employees or from the First U.S. Fraud Department. The scammers are asking for private information like social security numbers, your ATM/Debit Card PIN, Online/Mobile Banking user names and passwords, and card numbers – and attempting to use that information to gain access to accounts.

First U.S. will NEVER call or text you asking for personal information.

That’s the key to protecting yourself from fraud. The only time we verify your information is WHEN YOU HAVE INITIATED THE CONTACT TO US.

  • Do not share your private information with anyone who calls or texts you first – it’s probably an attempt to collect that information to access your account.
  • Don’t rely on caller ID. Be aware that scammers can make calls and text messages look like they’re coming from First U.S.
  • While we will text you asking if a card transaction is legitimate, we WILL NEVER follow up with a phone call asking for private information.
  • If you’re suspicious about a call or text you received, contact us using our Member Services number (800) 556-6768 or Management email 90fdf1fef1f7f5fdf5fee4d0f6f9e2e3e4e5e3beffe2f7.

Protecting your personal information and accounts is our highest priority. Please contact us if you have any questions, suspect an attempt to capture your private information, or if we can help in any way.